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Welcome to Bex @ Kindle Fever and I’s new blog feature: Your Fate in Fiction. Every other week we will be posing a question or a post inspired by a book. We invite others to join in the fun – answer the question in the comments or make a blog post of your own and link it in the comments so we can visit!

This post was inspired by Dominance by Will Lavender. I started reading Dominance and I was loving it so much I begged, pleaded, prodded [however you want to say it] her to read it with me – and she did and I was happy because we spent the next few days or so having conversations that consisted of “OMG” “OMG, OMG, OMG” We were a little more coherent than that, but you get the picture, this definitely has become one of our favorite books of ALL time – and that’s saying a lot considering how much we read!

OK So in Dominance characters in the novel are called to live role-play (at random times) from a book with a mysterious author and if they “pass” (meaning they correctly play out the scene including the lines from the book) they move onto the next level in a secret society. Hence our question this week for Your Fate in Fiction:

Which book would you want to play a live-action role play for?

There are a few books I can think of off the top of my head. Like Bex, the automatic response comes: Harry Potter! I think there’s several of us in the book blogging community – and beyond who’ve read these books so many times it wouldn’t be TOO hard to do! And not to mention fun!

There are several more I can think of, but I’ll TRY and cut this post a little shorter [yeah right, right?] My next pick is also on Bex’s list – Dominance, yo! It’s one of my favorites of ALL time and it would be PERFECT. It’s got so many great lines in it and it’s creeptastic. If’d be a real blast to role play, and interesting!

I said I would try to keep this short and I’ll TRY. The next up is The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I am SUCH a huge fan of this book. Gah, I can’t even explain how wrapped up in it’s thralls this book had me. Like Dominance it has an academic setting which lends well to the discussion of literature and if you haven’t read it – DO SO, I beg you! This would be so cool to see role played, the relationship dynamics are so intricate and.. yeah I’m making this a long post again aren’t I? 🙂

The final book on my list: The Witches by Roald Dahl. I absolutely CANNOT leave this one off my list of books I’d LOVE to role play. It’s another of my all-time favs and HELLO it’s Roald Dahl. It’s witches. I love witches. The witches have a theme song. Did I say I love witches? I would probably get a little piece of heaven if I could role-play the character of the Grand High Witch.

And now you all know what books I’d love to role play – and that maybe I have a love for witches..

Which book would you want to play a live-action role play for?


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  1. Okay, that book sounds really different, but interesting. So it’s like any book we would want to act out? Hmm.. which one has the best sexy scenes with hot guys….? lol
    Christy @ Love of Books recently posted..I’m Moving!!

    • LOL I was gonna say Fever too, but then I was like “yeah I wouldn’t want to act out those love scenes in public, randomly” 😀

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