WTF Wednesday: Luggage “Handling” Gone Wrong

WTF Wednesday is another new feature to My Shelf Confessions. We will be basically taking whatever we find around the web as “WTF” material and be bringing it to your attention – the good, the bad, and the ugly.. and well probably not so much of the good. 😉 It may or not not be bookish in nature, but we promise it won’t ever be anything pornographic – and if it is, we’ll blur or cover those bits up for you!

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This week on WTF Wednesday:

I happened upon this video and (it’s very short) you’ll see exactly why it’s WTF material when you watch:

Like  holy cow.. I’m so glad when I traveled I shipped my laptop ahead of time, especially considering how they’re just THROWING the bags like they couldn’t POSSIBLY have valuables or breakables. Think about how many women put perfume bottles in their bags now that they are too big to be taken carry-on? I would be livid if my luggage was among those bags!

What do you think? 

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  1. Hooray for WTF Wednesday!
    For as expensive as airline tickets are you would hope that it would include not having your bag dumped from great heights. Now I have to google around and see if there was a follow up!
    Wesley at Library Educated recently posted..Book Review: “Burial Rites” by Hannah Kent

    • Glad you like the new feature!

      Yeah, you’d hope that there would be some serious repercussions for those baggage handlers.. that behavior should be unacceptable. Especially now with all the new rules on what you cannot take with you on carry on – you basically have to put everything IN your booked luggage under the plane whether you want to or not. It makes me shudder to think about any possible breakables people had in their bags..

  2. finley jayne says:

    ouch, you can almost hear the laptops breaking! I bet someone got in big trouble once this video came out! Love the new feature 🙂
    finley jayne recently posted..{Mini Review}: The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James

    • Thanks! I thought it’d add some more spice to the week to have a fun feature like this 😀

      I really hope they got into trouble.. that should be totally unacceptable. I highly recommend shipping laptops to your destination – with full insurance and delivery confirmation and NOT having them in your luggage, unless you carry it on with you (which I didn’t want to do that with mine having to go through a layover and it being heavy and such.) With the way they’re handling those bags it would make me nervous to even put toiletries like perfume and such in my bags!

  3. Urgh, why on earth haven’t I switched to carry-on?? I really should. I shudder to think of my valuables getting broken or lost :\
    Aylee recently posted..Waiting On Wednesday: Macmillan Summer 2014 Catalog

    • I definitely think carry on is the safest of the options! I think if you do put a bag under the plane – which I did when I travelled, I just made sure it was strictly clothing and nothing else that would be valuable or possibly get broken. Of course I would’ve been quite upset if my luggage got lost or destroyed because I wouldn’t have had any clothes to wear..

      Depending on where you’re going it might almost be easier and safer to ship whatever you need to wherever you’re going – with insurance and delivery confirmation. And that way whatever you take on as carry on – as must needs, you don’t have to drag a lot around with you. And with mailing insurance at least if something goes wrong they have to reimburse you for the cost of the items! But I know that’s not always an option depending on the destination too.

  4. sherry butcher says:

    I was not so shocked. I seen on a return flight to the USA 2 suitcases come open and with my luck my suitcase fell off and they ran it over. But even with carry on the chance of them taking it at the plain, tagging it and telling you that it well be there waiting when you deplain is not so. I went to Jamaca and they left my carry on in FL.

    • OMG that’s atrocious! Yeah when I flew I only took my purse as carry on- booked everything else, and paid for my laptop to be mailed to my destination house so that it wouldn’t even GO through the airport. I definitely didn’t trust the bag handlers with it, and nowadays they can scan any baggage that goes through and see there is a laptop in there and who knows if there are thieves? And I didn’t want to lug my laptop with me through the different airports/layovers. So I only had one bag checked and then my purse for carry on and it worked good that way, but it’s always a gamble with the airport it seems!

  5. Dang! They’re just dropping stuff down there… crazy. I love that they were video though- I hope theygot reamed. That is WAY outta hand…
    Greg recently posted..Teaser Tuesday #19/ Waiting on Wednesday #16

    • Yeah, I’m glad there was someone who was shooting video too – I’m sure hoping they got some sort of consequences from the airline about their behavior!

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