Where You Write: Coral Russell

Where You Write: Coral Russell

Where You Write Featuring Coral Russell

Today I’m glad to welcome Coral Russell to the blog, author of Amador Lockdown!

I don’t know about other writers/authors, but I’m a scrawler, so I can and do write anywhere.

My usual spot is in an overstuffed chair in either the coolest or warmest part of the house. My laptop is perched on my legs which are propped up on an ottoman. Tonita, my chiwini (half Chihuahua, half Dachshund) and I have a one-way thermal dynamic relationship. She sleeps tucked into my side as if I were a hot-water bottle and groans if I move too much. I swear she’s only awake a couple of hours at night around dinner time to see if she can snag some scraps. If I need a break, I stroke her velvety ears or rub under her chin.


But I do have a family, so sometimes this usual spot won’t work. I’m geeky and love all the new tech tools, especially the Note-taking app on my iPhone. I’ve used that to write whole sections of a story in a Starbucks while waiting for my daughter to finish Archeology Camp. Another time I took notes during church service. Don’t judge, the minister said something that I thought was a great idea! And since I did do a real Amador Lockdown with the El Paso Ghost Tours as research for my story, I used that handy iPhone app to take notes when not stumbling around in the dark looking for ghosts.

Sometimes there’s music or the TV blaring. Or quiet, like now, except for the sound of cars traveling by on a wet road, a rare event in the desert. Other times my family is jumping up and down with excitement trying to talk to me when I’m in the middle of a sentence. Of course, I’ll get up to see what’s going on and then remind them. “I have x amount of words to get done before supper. Give me a half an hour more.”

Yep, I’m a scrawler. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You always save the best lies for yourself.”

Something has moved into the Amador Hotel. Hector, Marcos, Bev, and Tony of the Paranormal Posse are called in to either debunk the haunting or get rid of whatever is causing the problems. With the surprise arrival of Hector’s son, he tries to keep his professional and personal lives separate, but whatever is haunting the Amador Hotel has other plans.


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  1. It was fun! Thanks for participating! 😀

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