Review & Tour: Legend of the Elementals by Kyle Timmermeyer

Review & Tour: Legend of the Elementals by Kyle Timmermeyer

I’m excited to be hosting the Legend of the Elementals tour today! I think this is a great summer read – not too long, has some awesome action scenes and SUPERHEROES! 😀

The Legend of the Elementals Kyle Timmermeyer

Get inspired. One person can change the world. Four together can save it.

Ryan, Erin, Kris, and Jason are heroes defined by the villain, unwitting assistants in a cataclysm brought about by an old man who calls himself… Devidis. The four modern, international teens awaken deep within a jungle canyon, a prison in the post-apocalyptic empire established by the tyrannical Devidis. Surrounded by danger, the four Elementals quickly embrace their new-found super-powered control of the elements—wind, fire, water and stone—under the guidance of Sensei, an imprisoned freedom fighter who believes that Devidis’ near omnipotence is a clear sign that the world is a persistent illusion in the mind of its evil emperor. And so the Elementals are forced to come of age in an increasingly hostile land. Though supernaturally capable, they are faced with a frightening possibility: are their hopes, goals, powers, friends, enemies, surroundings and selves… all an illusion?


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Legend of the Elementals – since this is my first book dealing with people who have powers to control actual elements: wind, water, air, fire [at least that I can currently recall…] I’m always interested in ordinary people who are gifted with supernatural powers though, so I was definitely intrigued with the premise. I am quite into post-apocalyptic books so I keen to dig in.

Legend of the Elementals sucked me in from the first chapter. There is no slow start of here! We meet Devidis in the first chapter and are left in no doubt as to his evilness. He’s quite the villain – and I have to admit I love villains. Devidis is fascinating to me, I hope we learn more about him in the upcoming books.

Now we have the four young adults who become the Elementals. Seriously, who can resist a story where regular teens are given super powers? Makes me want to whine “I want some!!” My favorite character by far is Ryan, he’s just awesome. He’s pretty much the main narrator for this one. It was a lot of fun reading the goings on from his perspective. His talent is “air” – which yes, that does mean flying. I think Legend of the Elementals has one of the best flying scenes I’ve ever read. I really could imagine myself flying and having to deal with the air currents. I was pretty impressed!

The other Elementals are just as interesting but we don’t learn as much about them as we do Ryan. I’m hoping in the upcoming books this will be remedied. In this book they weren’t together as often as I think they will be for the second, because they were doing their training and learning to use their talents.  It’s also a testament to their current situation that they don’t have much time to dwell on the past and where they came from.

I think my other favorite character is Sensei. He’s pretty much the Elementals Yoda figure. He’s got the whole mystique down pat, and very tough-love “this is good for you” attitude with plenty of wisdom to dole out. I liked the other teachers too, one was squid-like! I totally wasn’t expecting that. I also wasn’t expecting ogres and goblins either, but it definitely added to the fun of this new world.

In mentioning the “world” that it’s not all fun, it’s got a very creeptastic element to it. I was pretty fascinated with it as a whole, and I wish I could say more about how Legend of the Elementals ended but I don’t want to spoil anything! The very thought though that there is an evil villain, and not ONLY is he a villain but OH right, you’re now trapped in HIS world of HIS creating. Yeah, that brings a whole new level of creepiness. I loved it, because as you know I’m a lover of most things creeptastic. 😀

Overall I think if you’re into fantasy you’re going to be really interested in Legend of the Elementals! It’s definitely a quick read, perfect for summer with action and intrigue. I felt like this book was very much a primer for what is to come, so I’m excited to read the other books.

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  1. Thanks for the review, April! Glad you liked it. No worries: we’ll get deep in the heads of all four Elementals as the series progresses.
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  2. It does sound like a fun quick read and something a little different from most of the supernatural books out there!
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