Review: Never Come Back by David J. Bell

Review: Never Come Back by David J. Bell

Never Come Back

Elizabeth Hampton is consumed by grief when her mother dies unexpectedly. Leslie Hampton cared for Elizabeth’s troubled brother Ronnie’s special needs, assuming Elizabeth would take him in when the time came. But Leslie’s sudden death propels Elizabeth into a world of danger and double lives that undoes everything she thought she knew…

When police discover that Leslie was strangled, they immediately suspect that one of Ronnie’s outbursts took a tragic turn. Elizabeth can’t believe that her brother is capable of murder, but who else could have had a motive to kill their quiet, retired mother?

More questions arise when a stranger is named in Leslie’s will: a woman also named Elizabeth. As the family’s secrets unravel, a man from Leslie’s past who claims to have all the answers shows up, but those answers might put Elizabeth and those she loves the most in mortal danger.

Never Come Back starts off with Elizabeth finding out her mom is dead, and not just dead but murdered. She’s not been exactly close with her mom and now she’s also saddled with the responsibility of being the caretaker for her brother with Downs Syndrome – although very high functioning. Elizabeth is shocked when the cops begin to suspect he may be the one who killed their mom.

Things get increasingly murky in this mystery as more and more family secrets come to the light. She’s not sure what to believe anymore – and questions whether she knew her mom at all.

Never Come Back is a gripping page turner of a mystery. I found myself hard pressed to put it down for any length of time, never sure what new information was going to come to the surface, and if she’d ever learn the truth of her mother’s life and who ultimately murdered her. Never Come Back was a lot darker than I imagined it’d be, but it was a pleasant surprise.

There were several things I didn’t expect, which is always nice to keep the reader guessing. It was also fun to see some of my hunches confirmed. I can definitely recommend this to mystery and suspense lovers and I also think that readers who enjoy contemporary fiction might find this appealing too. It’s very much a family drama.

I’m looking forward to whatever David Bell has in store for readers in the future. I’m totally game to read more of his work.

Never Come Back

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  1. I so enjoy Bell’s brand of mystery and loved how this one unfolded and became more complex as we learned about the characters. Lovely review April!
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted..A Warm Place to Call Home by Michael Siemsen

    • I agree Kimberly! It was awesome how it became more and more complex as the reader read on and new things revealed about the characters, it felt like always stumbling on new information that was interesting and relevant – and yet kept up the mystery of what really happened and why. [As you can see I’m super behind on replying to comments etc, been doing a ton of blog stuff just all on the backend where no one sees it of course 😀 ]

  2. Hmm, dark mystery full of family drama… definitely sounds like something worth checking out!
    Charleen recently posted..Review: Doctor Sleep

    • I think you’d really enjoy it! 😀 And ooh I see you reviewed Doctor Sleep, going to check that out now! [Totally behind on replying to comments!]

  3. Cool review. This story looks dark, but I like it. 😉

  4. I have been hearing some buzz about this book. I am glad to hear that you liked it. I am going to have to check it out.
    Pamela D recently posted..Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-Thon II Wrap Up

    • Yeah I was really excited when Tabitha sent the book to me in the box of books from BEA! It was a really great read, as good as I expected 😀

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