Review: I Am the Mission by Allen Zadoff

Review: I Am the Mission by Allen Zadoff

I am the mission

He was the perfect assassin. No name. No past. No remorse. Perfect, that is, until he began to ask questions and challenge his orders. Now The Program is worried that their valuable soldier has become a liability.

And so Boy Nobody is given a new mission. A test of sorts. A chance to prove his loyalty.

His objective: Take out Eugene Moore, the owner of an extremist military training camp for teenagers. It sounds like a simple task, but a previous operative couldn’t do it. He lost the mission and is presumed dead. Now Boy Nobody is confident he can finish the job. Quickly.

But when things go awry, Boy Nobody finds himself lost in a mission where nothing is as it seems: not The Program, his allegiances, nor the truth.

The riveting second book in Allen Zadoff’s Boy Nobody series delivers heart-pounding action and a shocking new twist that makes Boy Nobody question everything he has believed.

I have to say I TOTALLY AM IN LOVE with The Unknown Assassin series. So far each book has just gotten better as we learn more about the main character – whose name changes with each mission.

I was excited that a character from the last book made another showing in I Am the Mission and I hope he continues to get a bigger role in the series as Zack/Daniel/Nobody continues to try and figure out what he can about The Program and who he’s actually working for. The secrets behind what happened to his family – who betrayed who.

Each book we’ve gotten a few answers here and there, enough to make us desperate for more information. I’m officially down the rabbit hole for this series, I’m going wherever it takes me! WEEEEEE!

I like that the main character is finding more of his own identity outside of the training he’s been brainwashed/taught for most of his life. He’s not just blindly following orders anymore – and now that makes his life even more perilous because who knows what The Program knows about what he’s up to – or not up to anymore.

I Am the Mission is a must read, first of course read the first book and then this one, but you knew that already, right? 😉

Seriously. DOO ITTTT. You won’t regret it.

I Am the Mission

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  1. I’m so excited for this. I just listened to the first book on audio and I was so shocked at the ending! I didn’t expect it to end like this. now, I am super excited about the next book, so glad to hear you found it so exciting !
    DannyBookworm recently posted..Love and Other Theories by Alexis Bass – Cover & Synopsis Reveal plus Giveaway

    • Yeah the first book was excellent – I liked the second one even more if that’s possible, I am seriously dying to read more!

  2. I want to read book #1 now!! So so bad! Is this like the teen version of Bourne or something? (I love Bourne. I cannot love these spy/secret identity sort of stories more.) XD
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted..The Interrogation of Mime: Is she or is she not a bad blogger?

    • It’s kind of like Bourne Identity now that I think about it – in some ways, not completely, but yeah! And yeah he’s basically a trained assassin and that’s his missions – to go in and make friends with his “marks” and then use them to get close to his “target” – the person he’s meant to kill. They are such fast paced adrenaline racing, pulse pounding reads, once you start reading you can barely put them down! You’ll love it if you love the spy/secret identity stories! 😀

  3. As I have said before, I really like the first book in this series. I am so happy that you enjoyed the second installment in this series and I am happy to hear that the books keep getting better and better! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the review, lovely! Also, thanks for no spoilers! 🙂 I will be getting this one soon I think :3 xxx

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries
    Alex 🙂 recently posted..Quickie Review: Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

    • Woot! I hope you’re able to get it soon, it’s another one of those “can’t put down for the life of me” books! 😀 and totally, if you really liked the first one you’ll like the second one for sure! 😀

      And no problem about no spoilers, I loaaaaathe spoilers with a passion myself so I always try to avoid them whenever possible – which means sometimes my reviews are kind of vague, but I’d rather have them be vague then give everything away! 😀

  4. I’ve read awesome reviews of the first, it’s good to know that the second is great too !
    Red Iza recently posted..Friday I’m horny – hottie of the week


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