Review & Giveaway: The Forever Man by Pierre Oullette

Review & Giveaway: The Forever Man by Pierre Oullette

The Forever Man

From the author of The Deus Machine and The Third Pandemic comes a fast-paced thriller about the power of harnessing life itself—and the deadly secrets it conceals.

Portland, Oregon, was once a beacon of promise and prosperity. Now it’s the epicenter of a world gone wrong, its streets overrun by victims and hustlers, drifters and gangsters. Lowly contract cop Lane Anslow struggles to keep afloat—and to watch out for his brilliant but bipolar brother, Johnny, a medical researcher. Lane soon discovers that Johnny is part of an experiment veiled in extraordinary secrecy. But he has no idea who’s behind it, how astronomical the stakes are, or how many lives might be destroyed to make it a reality.

Now Johnny’s gone missing. To find him, Lane follows a twisting trail into a billionaire’s hilltop urban fortress, a politician’s inner circle, a prison set in an aircraft graveyard, and a highly guarded community where people appear to be half their biological age. Hunted by dueling enemies, Lane meets a beautiful and enigmatic woman at the center of a vast web of political and criminal intrigue. And behind it all is a sinister, desperate race to claim the biggest scientific prize of all: eternal life.

The Forever Man is an interesting futuristic look at the world. It’s pretty dark, only the very richest of society get to live in safe places – away from the rest of the world in the ultimate sort of gated communities that have every thing any person needs to keep themselves occuppied for life – without having to go out of the safe zone.

A conglomerate has also managed to research and stem the tide of aging, and even roll the aging process back. It’s quite fascinating.

The Forever Man is part mystery, part futuristic thriller. Lane Anslow, a cop, has come under this conglomerates radar because his brother helped to advance the science even further so that aging could become a thing of the past, completely controllable. Unfortunately, Zed and Khan, the forefront of this conglomerate don’t really care that any one but the elite have access to it nad they weren’t particularly pleased about having to pay the scientists money who helped them break their research wide open. So Lane is looking for his brother and has inadvertently stepped into this surreal world of the rich, and the powerful who want to keep it all for themselves – until they can make it marketable even further of course.

Lane is a protagonist you can really root for. He’s an average joe, just trying to live his life and help his brother out when he can. His brother, even though he’s a genius can go off the rails sometimes and Lane has spent a lot of his life keeping him on the safe side of things, as much possible. Unfortunately, this time his brother got in waaaay over his head in who he got this research grant from.

I really liked this book, I think that all mystery lovers would be interested in it, especially those who like a futuristic bent that’s a bit gritty and edgy!

The Forever Man

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