Perfume That Smells Like Books & Paper – YES!

I came across a short portion of a Shelf Awareness newsletter article that mentioned a new perfume coming out called Paper Passion, created by Karl Lagerfield (I didn’t know who he was either, I guess he’s a designer who also owns a bookstore in Paris and is opening one in Manhattan soon). Of course, being a book lover I was intrigued!

It turns out that there are several other perfumes out on the market that smell like books, paper, libraries, etc. I have a nook ereader and one of the biggest things I hear from skeptics is “I love the smell of books, I don’t want to lose that.” Well, now you don’t have to, just buy a bottle of perfume, spray a spritz on your ereader cover and VOILA there you go, the convenience of an ereader with the smell of your favorite tome.

Here are some perfumes I have found so far with this theme, might be worth checking out!

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DEMETER Paperback perfume is “sweet and just a touch musty”

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CB I Hate Perfume:: In the Library is “warm blend of English Novel*, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish”

The creator shares a wonderful story of why he was inspired to create
the fragrance. Read the story behind the fragrance: here.

Those are just 2, I found several more. Paper Passions hasn’t come out yet and I haven’t been able to find a release date anywhere.

Have you ever come across a perfume that reminded you of books/reading/paper/libraries? Would you ever buy a perfume like that? Do you have a favorite? I’m fascinated by these perfumes, I haven’t come across this before and I’m very intrigued! It’s definitely interesting for those of us with ereaders who crave that new/old book smell!

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  1. LOL I love this! I can safely say though that I've never come across any perfume reminding me of anything having to do with books. And I'm not sure I would even by perfume like that… perhaps only to spray some on my Kindle cover. 😉

  2. Not sure I'd buy this to spray on myself…but it'd be awesome to spray around the house XD

  3. ha! That's crazy! I do like the smell of books usually so this is definitely something to look into, especially that second one!

  4. nathaliefoy says:

    I've been tracking down perfume that smells like books since discovering CB's In the Library. Try Dzing! by l'Artisan Perfumeur. It's lovely. I've written several posts about books and perfumes on my book blog, too.

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