My Favorite WordPress Plugins

Hey everyone hope you’re enjoying Bloggiesta! Today I’m here to tell you about my favorite WordPress[.org] Plugins. I say .org because if you’re not familiar with the differences between and; they are two completely separate platforms., though it is free does not allow you the freedom that does, that includes being able to download and install plugins that help you run and manage your site much more efficiently!

 My Favorite WordPress Plugins

Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin – Now, this is VERY aptly named the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin. It’s probably the ONLY plugin that we’ve laid money down for – and think it is worth every single penny! It’s almost easier to tell you what this plugin DOESN’T do than what it does, but let me give you a short recap:
You see that Archive link up in our navigation bar? Scroll over that and you can see we have several pages of easy to access Archives that are very easily sorted. This would take us FOREVER to do post by post on each page. This plugin let’s you enter information under your post editor (such as the title of the book, the author, the series, the rating – whatever you want to track and Archive) and then it adds it automatically to the pages you’ve  created using the UBB’s handy short codes.
It’s also got uber awesome sidebar widgets – say the Giveaway widget we have on our sidebar, we create a banner, upload it, type in when the giveaway ends and as soon as the post goes live it goes straight to the Giveaway widget – and it gets taken down as soon as the giveaway is set to end. Do you know what a time saver that is?!
Also check out our Reviews widget – every time we review a book and mark it as a book review in the categories, and upload an image of the cover it automatically goes to the sidebar.
Ashley @ Creative Whim [and runs the blog Nose Graze] created this plugin and she’s got awesome and easy to understand instructions and is also very helpful if you need help with anything! I can’t recommend this enough for any Book Blogger, and thanks for Jenn @ The Bawdy Book Blog for talking me into checking it out. 😉
Calendar Editor plugin – Like the UBB Plugin I have to give props where props are due. Jenn told me I needed this Plugin and of course I was skeptical. However, once I started using it I soon found how truly INDISPENSABLE it is. You seriously won’t be able to understand how you survived without it. We’re talking drag and drop scheduling. You can make a post draft directly from the Calendar. It has a sidebar of things that aren’t scheduled yet that you can drag and drop where you want them. I don’t get why this isn’t on installed plugin menu when you download WordPress – because it should be!
Evergreen Post Tweeter – I recently installed this. I can’t believe I waited so long. Tweet Archive automatically tweets posts from your blog archive to your Twitter account. But don’t think it goes all crazy – you can set your preferences very easily. For example I have mine set to post only reviews that have a 3.5 star rating or above and to tweet 1 tweet every two hours, seven days a week. You can choose exactly what days you want to tweet, what types of posts, and the frequency. You have a ton of control here and I’ve already seen a big jump in RT’s and some traffic to those “older” posts is never bad either! Just make sure you’re not tweeting posts that have a time-frame, like a giveaway. That’s why I stuck to reviews and I’m thinking of adding guest posts to the mix.
CommentLuv – CommentLuv is one of the first plugins I installed because I love being able to see what my commenter most recent post is and it’s easy for me to click the link and check it out. It also saves time for my commenter as well, they don’t need to put a link in their signature to their recent post. And hey, maybe my other commenters see my other comments and that most recent post and go visit their site, thereby increasing their traffic – all because they left a comment on my blog. I’m not saying it always happens but a chance is better than nothing. 🙂
Better Delete Revision – This is probably the most undervalued plugin. I know I go into posts SO many times and make small edits here and there. Pretty soon there are a mountain of revisions. WordPress doesn’t delete those for you so essentially they just keep building up and taking up space! This plugin lets you choose which revisions you’d like to delete (and you can delete all in one fell swoop too, which is what I usually do.) And BAM, you just saved yourself a ton of space and you’re also saving yourself on the page-load time in the long run too. The more space your site takes up the slower it loads. So keep those revisions to a minimum – that doesn’t mean stop editing posts. It means take out the trash every once in awhile with this plugin. It’s as easy as clicking a button. 😀 **Do not click the button to optimize your database! You just want to delete revisions, nothing else!**
Collapsing Archives – I found this plugin soon after I moved from Blogger to WordPress. I didn’t want just a drop down menu for my Archives! I wanted Blogger-type Archives that could be opened and closed by month and year. That’s where Collapsing Archives comes in. You can customize it as well, with what you want it to open to, what symbol or design you want to have displayed next to the drop down menus. Check out my Archives on my sidebar and you’ll see why I like it. It was the ONLY thing WordPress didn’t have that Blogger did, that I missed. And turns out, I didn’t have to miss it at all – I just had to find the right plugin.
The Challenge should you choose to accept it: download one of these plugins and give them a whirl, or tell me YOUR favorite plugin(s).  If you’re on Blogger or  tell us what your most useful blogging tool is – it can be a widget, an app, anything that makes blogging easier for you! 🙂
**To be safe, before installing and activating new plugins you should backup your WordPress site through your site host. Whenever trying new plugins look at the ratings and how many downloads it has. Use your judgement! If you are ever in doubt, ask your other WordPress buddies if they use the plugin and if they don’t – they might have a better plugin that fits your needs. **
I’m not responsible for any issues you might have with any plugins you download, install or activate. I will however try and help you solve your issue any way I can. I personally have not had any issues whatsoever with the plugins I have listed here.
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  1. I have seen CommentLuv all over, but for some reason my reaction was always “well that’s cool, I’m jealous” and never “that’s probably a plugin that I can get.” I’m a silly head sometimes ;-). Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve added it so my commenters can share their latest posts more easily 😀
    Anya recently posted..Authors-Bloggers Drama

    • Glad I was able to help! It’s funny what you see around on blogs and are envious of and then find out it’s the result of a plugin that’s easy to download and install – that’s happened to me more than once! 😀

  2. Thanks for all these. I am so terrible with plugins. I really need to learn more, especially If i do switch from blogger to wordpress.
    Ashleigh Swerdfeger recently posted..Baby Bullet Giveaway 2013 (Mami’s 3 little Monkeys)

    • Well, if you’re on blogger than the “plugins/widgets” you’re dealing with are different. Plugins for are actually very simple to install – sometimes depending on the plugins purpose it can take effort to set your preferences and settings, but a lot of times they are just install, activate and GO! SO very handy and not too hard to get up to speed on at all. 🙂

  3. My favorites: comment reply notification (emails for replies to comments), duplicate post (so I can use templates), growmap anti spambot (best spam plugin), Login LockDown, ProgPress (progress bars!), Wordfence Security, WordPress SEO, WP-optimize (like your better delete revision, I assume; it also removes auto-drafts).

    I’m going to have a look at evergreen. 🙂
    Amanda @ On a Book Bender recently posted..Link Love: How to Give Good SEO {Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge}

    • I wouldn’t be able to live without comment reply notification, the only reason I didn’t mention that one is because I thought it came with WordPress LOL my friend helped me get my site started when I first moved over, so that’s probably why I thought this. 😀

      I have duplicate post installed too and I haven’t really checked into it or used it, I’m just such in the habit of copy and pasting whatever post I want to copy, I get too stuck in my habits, even if there is a timesaver option! That said, I really need to look into it 😀

      I’m going to be looking into these plugin, thanks for the awesome list! Yeah, the Better Delete Revision also removes the auto-drafts [unless it’s changed in an update!] I might look into your WP-Optimize because Better Delete Revision hasn’t been updated in a couple years and even though I haven’t had any problems with it, WordPress has updated several times since I installed it and if WP-Optimize does the same job and is more up-to-date, I’d rather go with that!

      I’m curious about growmap anti spambot, do use that in addition to Akismet, or in lieu of Akismet?

      There’s a TON of Archive-Tweeting plugins, Evergreen is just the one that appealed to me on first glance and so far it’s been nothing but good to me. 😀

      • I use growmap with Akismet. I’ve seen an uptick in spam recently, but it’s not a lot. Definitely better than Akismet alone.

        The creator of Evergreen is a name I recognize from my business circles, so that’s good enough for me. 🙂
        Amanda @ On a Book Bender recently posted..Blind Date with a Book

        • Oh awesome, thanks for passing that on, I’ll stick with that one as well then!

          Yeah, I’ve noticed an uptick in spam myself, so I’m going to look into that plugin too. We haven’t had any significant amount that’s made it past Akismet [probably only a couple!] But it’s never bad to have extra protection!

  4. Duplicate post. Use this every time I put up a post.

    • It’s funny, I actually have that plugin installed but I never use it.. I just find myself copy and pasting a previous post that I want to mimic! 😀 I really should give it a try and see if it’s faster than my way. Sometimes I can be stubborn and stuck in my habits!

  5. You know, I had never specifically noticed that you have the Blogger-style archive, but that’s definitely one thing I don’t like as much about WP. I’ll have to keep some of these in mind if I ever move from .com to .org.
    Charleen recently posted..Shine Along: Chapters 17-33

  6. I’m thinking about moving to wordpress sometime early in 2014, so I am bookmarking this post until then.

    Thanks for sharing some cool plugins!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs
    Michelle @ Book Briefs recently posted..New Blog Design!

    • I’m definitely here to help you move if you have any questions or need any guidance Michelle! I can also fill you in on info on the host I use too [I know I’m somewhat biased because I use them LOL] but I think they really are the best for your money and very customer service oriented. Let me know! 😀

  7. UBB is an absolute must for book bloggers. And when I moved from Blogger a couple months ago, Ashley told me about Collapsing Archives. And I didn’t realize there was an option in Editorial Calendar to show unscheduled drafts, even though I’ve had it for months! See? I learned something new already 🙂

    I’ve been considering a switch to CommentLuv, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’ll also have to grab the revision deleter one, because I need that! Thanks for sharing all these great plugins!
    Reanna recently posted..Cover Reveal and Excerpt: One to Hold by Tia Louise

    • Yeah, CommentLuv is more of an “add-on” rather than a full comment service, it works with whatever you’re already using, unless you’re using some other plugin that grabs the commenter’s most recent post.

      And yeah, I was really excited when I figured out the trick to see unscheduled posts and that I could drag and drop them in – just be sure to check the times, since it usually schedules everything for 10AAM.

      Glad I could help! 😀

  8. For the Better Revision plugin can I ask why you don’t want to optimize your blog? I haven’t tried that but was curious as to why I should or shouldn’t. I actual think my SEO does it…
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted..Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

    • I’ve just heard that it’s not something you want to do unless your a professional? And that it can actually mess up the site as opposed to just deleting the revisions and auto-saves. But I’m not 100 percent on the specifics either 😀

  9. I was just thinking last night that I like Blogger’s archives better. I’m installing that plugin and the Better Delete Revision one tonight. Thanks!
    Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA recently posted..Review: Real by Katy Evans (Spoiler Warning!)

  10. Oh my, thank you so much for sharing this!! I am on Blogger and although I created a WordPress account, I still have not used it until now… But thank you so much for sharing this cool plug-ins with us! 🙂
    Diana Grace recently posted..Book Review: Only the Good Spy Young (Gallagher Girls 4)

  11. Sometimes I wish I used WordPress because of all the awesome plugins. I don’t use Blogger or – instead I use Movable Type, and will tweak this challenge to tell you the one plugin I WISH I had was the ability to send emails to commenters when someone responds to their post.
    Tanya Patrice recently posted..How To Get Social Media Statistics For Your Blog Using Google Analytics {Bloggiesta Challenge}

    • Yeah, I would’ve included that plugin for this post but I was under the mistaken impression it came with WordPress as soon as you installed! It’s probably THE most useful plugin in my arsenal! I’m curious what made you go with Movable Type as your platform, any particular reason? I’ve had sites on, Blogspot, Xanga and now but never used Typepad or Movable Type (or are they the same thing..) 😀

  12. Great post! I can’t use pluggins because I have a free WordPress site, but I’m thinking of moving to self-hosting soon, and this post will be incredibly useful! The pluggins you talk about sound fantastic.
    Leah @ Books Speak Volumes recently posted..Ten Things Every Book Blog Needs

    • Yaya! I have to admit that I am always trying to tempt people to at least consider moving over to, it’s SOOO worth it for the freedom you get and the benefits. Let me know if you have any questions if you do move, I’d love to help any way I can! 😀

  13. I have almost all of these plugins except the post tweeter. I’m going to check that one out 🙂 The Ultimate Book blogger plugin is my favorite. I don’t know how I blogged without it.
    Jessica @ Books: A true story recently posted..Let’s Bloggiesta!

    • I’m the same way, I was skeptical that I’d want to pay money for a plugin, but it’s been worth it ALL the way and more and now I really can’t even imagine NOT having UBB! 😀

  14. I installed a few of the plugins and I am looking forward to trying them out. I am a current user of CommentLuv and it is great. I don’t know how I functioned without it. I will certainly update you on how the others work. Thank you for the suggestions. Mission accomplished.

    Sophia recently posted..Funny Friday

    • Woot! I hope you find at least one plugin that you love! I love CommentLuv too – what’s not to love? I sometimes wonder why not every site has it! 😀

  15. See all of this I am missing?! Must move to WordPress stat
    Heather recently posted..It’s Time For Bloggiesta- Starting Line Post

    • Yesss, yesss, move to WordPress stat. We have cookies. And chocolate. And whatever else will tempt you over here sooner! 😀 I’ll be happy to help with your transition in any way I can too 🙂

  16. I am on, and I find it very limiting, especially in terms of widgets. I was considering changing my template to one that has more options, but now I am thinking I am going to find the same thing. I am very tech limited though, so I don’t feel comfortable enough to change to something- thanks-you gave me lots to think about and look into!
    Kerri recently posted..Fall 2013 Bloggiesta!!

    • Before you spend money to change things around over on, you should definitely consider .Com is SUCH a rip off. I get my hosting for $5.99/month and there’s no contract – I can quit and shut down my blog any time, there’s no re-upping my domain name etc. Domain name came free and unlimited subdomains, plus about as many email addresses as you can want! (

      Let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to move *waggles eyebrows* I’d love to help 😀

  17. Thanks for the wonderful challenge. I did not know about collapsing archives. I just figured out the dropdown one, so maybe I will try collapsing now. Better Delete sounds like a great idea, too.

    I agree with other comments about Duplicate Post. I use it extensively for posts I do for memes, which have the same buttons and links to the meme host each time. It saves so much time.

    Finally, I added CommentLuv because of a previous Bloggiesta mini challenge, and I have been very happy with it.
    Roberta recently posted..Bloggiesta: Blog Cleaning Party Starts Today

    • Glad you enjoyed the challenge! Better Delete Revision isn’t a fancy plugin and no one sees the impact but it’ll definitely save space over time on your hosts server – so they’ll be appreciative and you won’t have a site getting bogged down. 😀

      I know everyone seems to love Duplicate Posts, I think I’m not comfortable enough for it to be used … I just opt to copy and paste the code from a previous meme post or whatever and plug that in! 😀

      • One feature that Duplicate Post has – that copying and pasting doesn’t have – is that the tags and categories go along with the new draft. This can save a lot of time with certain posts where you want to use the same tags and categories or can be a nightmare if you forgot to change them and you should have.
        Roberta recently posted..Bloggiesta: Blog Cleaning Party Starts Today

  18. I absolutely love the UBB plugin, such a lifesaver! I will have to check out the Better Delete Revision one as well. I think we use the rest of them as well! Great post!
    Kristen H. recently posted..Book Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

    • I was nervous when I made this post that these would be plugins everyone has but I’m really glad at least one plugin doesn’t seem to be widely recognized – and is such a big help on the backend to keep things “clean” and loading fast on the front end. 😀

  19. I’m working on your mini challenge now. It’s perfect for Bloggiesta. Playing around with the bloggy stuff is easier and more fun than writing reviews! I’ve downloaded three that you’ve recommended here (Comment Luv, Editorial Calendar, and Evergreen) and am seriously considering the Book Blogger one. I’ve got a question for you on Evergreen already. How do you tell it not to tweet daily? I only wanted to select a day or two for old posts to be tweeted, but I’ve highlighted Tuesday and Thursday and chose a morning and an evening time for the tweets, and it’s telling me my next tweet will go out in a couple of hours. So it’s registering the evening time properly but today is Saturday! Any ideas?
    Laurie C recently posted..Bloggiesta, Olé! #Bloggiesta Starting Line Post @Bloggiesta

    • You can see the days at the bottom, I think it says Monday Tuesday, etc, you click the days you want it to tweet. So if you don’t want it to tweet Mondays or Fridays, don’t click those days. 🙂 Hmm, I did have trouble at first even TWEETING my posts, but once I manually clicked to post one or two from the plugin, it straightened up, so maybe try that?

  20. My favorites before trying all the ones I’m hearing about here have been JetPack (because it connects me up with all the blogs and comment notifications from other WP bloggers show up there), Related Posts, and Duplicate Post. I use Duplicate Post for Weekend Cooking and Sound Bytes weekly memes. Saves inserting the badges and explanations every time. Actually I used it for Bloggiesta posts too.
    Laurie C recently posted..Bloggiesta, Olé! #Bloggiesta Starting Line Post @Bloggiesta

    • I used to have a Related Posts feature that came with a previous theme itself so I got rid of my plugin for it, but now we’ve had this theme for awhile and it doesn’t have the same feature so I’ve been considering looking into what the best plugin would be! I’ve had Duplicate Post downloaded and installed for awhile – I tried using it yesterday and I just HATE it for some reason LOL For me, I think I’m just stuck in my own rut of copying and pasting the code from a previous post I want to copy 😀 Yeah, I copy and paste the code manually for the memes too! 😀

  21. Aaaah plugins I do not know! 😀
    I shall investigate!
    (Sometimes I wonder if I’ll turn into a plugin hoarder besides a bookhoarder! 😆 )

    The Better Delete revision plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years, just like the collapse archive plugin – a plugin that hasn’t been updated for that long pose a serious security risk, consider that WP has 4-6 major security updates a year – so I wouldn’t recommend that! I’ve found a few others on the WP site though, so no worries!
    I usually just go in my database to manually delete them once in a while – though I should probably just script it (which is as simple as adding “define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 5);
    ” to your wp-config.php! Or, any number you like. 😛 ).

    I will have a look at the “Editorial calendar”-plugin (matches up nicely with my blog schedule/schedule posts-goal) and the Evergreen Post Tweeter for my food blog!

    My favorite plugin? Though one! BackWPup or WordPress SEO I think. It saves me a looooot of work, worries and just plain brainspace. Though I’m a fan of Comment reply notification/Comment Luv as well!
    Spamantha (@CyV) recently posted..Bloggiesta Fall 2013 Starting line – ¿Olé?

    • I wondered that too – about being a plugin hoarder, it was like Christmas when I first signed up for WordPress, I went crazy!! 😀 They are fun to find and stumble upon the ones that really help your site or just have cool functions! I’m still obsessed with them ahha I just don’t allow myself as much time to go browsing LOL 😀

      I’m no good with code, esp PHP so I wouldn’t feel comfortable going in and messing with any of that.

      Even though those plugins haven’t been updated for awhile, I feel like my site is secure enough that it’s ok. I think it depends on what the plugins function is as well, when considering security.

      I backup my blog through my host so I’m thinking I’m ‘good” on that front. I like WordPress SEO but it was a pain to set up – I actually had a friend help me. I love comment reply notification as well, the only reason why it’s not on the list is because I thought it was one that was automatically activated with WordPress install, hahaha!

  22. Thanks so much for this challenge! I tried out the Delete Revision plugin and Evergreen Tweeter and LOVE them both! I had a boat load of old revisions and this cleaned them up so quickly. I also used to use Tweet Old Post but as soon as I tried Evergreen, I knew I would stick with it. It’s much more user friendly and has a ton more options! I also am going to try out collapsing archives because I prefer that style as well and had no idea you could do it on WP!

    My favorite plug in by far is the UBB plugin, I would be lost without it now and I also love the editorial calender. I got both about 4 months of being on WP and I’m not sure how I survived up until that point!

    Great challenge April, thanks so much for hosting!!!
    Lauren recently posted..Stacking the Shelves (58)

    • Right, when I downloaded the Editorial Calendar and began to use it and the UBB plugin, I was like WHOA how did I ever live before these?!? 😀

      I’m glad you love the Delete Revision and the Evergreen Tweeter! I was curious how it compared to the other archive tweeting plugins that I saw (Evergreen just happened to look the best to me from what I read and ratings etc so it was the first one I downloaded) – I was thinking of maybe downloading others and seeing if I liked them better, but now that I know Evergreen is more user friendly and has better options I won’t even look!

      I love the collapsing archives plugin, esp since you can design it how you want (I chose the triangles but there’s all sorts of different symbols or you can make your own!) so I loved that aspect.

  23. My favourite WordPress Plugin has to be the WordPress SEO Plugin – I find it so helpful and so easy to use. I just downloaded the Editorial Calender Plugin and I’m in love, now it’ll be so much easier to see if my handwritten schedule and my online schedule match up. I’m on the fence about CommentLuv, a part of me wants it and a part of me doesn’t, so I think I’ll have to wait and see for a little longer before making a proper decision!
    Hollie @ Music, Books and Tea recently posted..Bloggiesta Starting Line

    • I like WordPress SEO, but it confuses the hell out of me! I had a friend help me set it up and I’m scared to mess with it 😀 I do think after you’ve set it up and put in all the information that it’s easy to plug in the individual post information with the keyword and then the metadata!

      Yeah, the Editorial Calendar is definitely one of those plugins that you wonder how you lived without it once you have it! 😀 CommentLuv is handy but it’s not a must-have I don’t think, it’s up to each individual whether they think they’ll enjoy it on their site and whether they and they’re readers will get use out of it . 🙂

  24. UBB is a must, for sure. I just started using it, and one of these months I want to go back and redo all my reviews with it. I also can’t live without Calender Editor. So useful!

    I’m trying to find a new plugin to tweet posts, the one I was using stopped working when Twitter’s API changed, and so far I’ve been scheduling posts in HootSuite. I’ll have to check out the one you mentioned for old posts, too.

    I also use Yoast SEO Plugin, for all my SEO needs.
    Leeanna @ recently posted..Book Review: Deceived by Julie Anne Lindsey

    • I’ve been meaning to check out HootSuite for awhile now, since there’s some tweets I’d like to schedule that aren’t blog posts.

      I think I used Yoast SEO before but it changed to WordPress SEO, I think it’s the same plugin, maybe not, can’t remember now. I know I had Yoast at some point haha 😀

      • I think Yoast/Wordpress SEO are the same thing. They probably just tried to shorten the name or something.

        I love Hootsuite now that I’ve tried it! Haven’t tried the mobile app, but the desktop version is great. You can specify streams to keep open and other things (I haven’t really explored it beyond scheduling). I think it does FB scheduling too, which I need to check into, because I don’t think I like Networked Blogs for posting my posts to my FB wall.
        Leeanna @ recently posted..Book Review: Deceived by Julie Anne Lindsey

  25. I can’t use plugins just yet, until I switch over to be hosted, but I’m bookmarking this for when I do! The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin sounds awesome!
    For blogging, I use the Google Calendar to keep track of all of my posts, when things are going up, and even when I need to write my upcoming reviews for! It syncs to my phone too, so I can check whenever I need it 🙂 I also have a simple notepad app on my phone so I can write notes for reviews no matter where I am!
    Kelsey recently posted..Showcase Sunday (48)

  26. I love the UBB plugin! I installed it a few months ago and don’t know how I lived without it. I’m also a big fan of CommentLuv – it was one of my first plugins! Thanks so much for hosting. I hope you stop by my 50 Bookish Things You Must Do Before You Die challenge!
    Allison @ The Book Wheel recently posted..Book Club: “Lean In” Final Week

    • Thanks for dropping in, there’s so many great posts to check out I’m bookmarking them so that I can get around to them even after Bloggiesta ends – I know i won’t make it to all of them before it does! 😀

  27. Thank you for sharing your favorite plugins and for hosting this challenge. It’s the one I decided to join. I’m still thinking about the UBB plugin but I think I might want to test it out on one of my newer blogs as I don’t know how it will change things. I kind of like that old posts disappear into the aether. Which is another reason why I’m not too keen on those archive tweets. Though I totally like seeing them in my timeline (mostly) I hate pushing my posts out more than 2x a day.

    I like the idea of comment luv too, though I usually unclick sharing my posts on sites with them. I always feel like someone will think I’m commenting just to push my posts. I’m awkward like that.

    Once I finish my database backups for Bloggiesta I definitely plan on checking out that Collapsing Archives. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Rachel recently posted..Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: My Favorite WordPress Plugins

  28. Nathan (@ReviewBarn) says:

    Can I just say yall are the gift that keep on giving. This post was linked from one of your others and is just AWESOME. Glad I found it. Quickly added the blogger dropdowns, delete revisions, AND Evergreen.

    Then I told my wife to put the Ultimate Book Blogger Pluggin on my Christmas list, so maybe someday. Thanks again, you two rock!
    Nathan (@ReviewBarn) recently posted..Fantasy Review: ‘The Lure of Fools’ by Jason King

    • Aww, your comment totally made my day!! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you love those plugins as much as I do – and that Ultimate Book Blogger plugin will rock your world when you get it. It’s features are amazing and I’m not one who likes spying for plugins when there are so many great ones for free, but this was worth every penny and never regretted – only that we didn’t get it sooner 😀

  29. finley jayne says:

    Going to check some of these out-thanks for directing me here 😀
    finley jayne recently posted..Going from Blogger to WordPress: A {sort of} Step by Step Tutorial

    • Your welcome! I thought of it as soon as I saw your post about moving to WP – one of the most fun thing is exploring and finding good plugins – but it’s also time consuming to find great ones that are really handy and work well. So hopefully this saves you a bit of time! 😀

  30. Great list! I had never heard of Better Delete Revision and will definitely give it a try!

    I’m a huge fan of CommentLuv as well.
    Jeff @ Murnan Creative recently posted..7 WordPress Plugins That You Can’t Live Without


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  10. Bloggiesta Finishing Line | Music, Books and Tea says:

    […] Twitter and WordPress were my top three social media referrals of last month.-I checked out April’s Plugin Post and downloaded the Editorial Calender Plugin, and it is love at first sight!-I discovered the joys […]

  11. […] Drive. They are all out of control! ❏  Install (and run) Better Delete Revision (thanks to April @ My Shelf Confessions for her great list of WP plugins!) Done! Eliminated 1,524 revisions on 268 posts! ❏  Back up […]

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  13. […] (hundreds per day) seems to have abated, but with a little change to the code given to me by April, I’ve told the Akismet plug-in to empty the spam folder daily. (Thank you, April!) If […]

  14. […] revisions taking up unnecessary space I use Better Delete Revisions for this, thanks to this post from April at My Shelf Confessions. Since I started using this plug-in, 5,459 redundant post […]

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