FraterFest Challenge: Tune That Title!

FraterFest Challenge: Tune That Title!

Fraterfest readathon

 Challenge Time: Oct 5th 4PM EST – Oct 8th Midnight EST

Welcome to Tune That Title at My Shelf Confessions! Hope you’re having a fabulous time so far with FraterFest, click here for more information! This challenge is rather simple but I think super fun! It’s inspired by Amanda @ Letters Inside Out.

This challenge is easy!

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Tune That Title:


Tell us what book you’re currently reading. Then tell us what song you think most goes along with the book – it can be anything you think fits, and explain why.

Examples to get your mind going:  Does the song remind you of the main character? Does the song have the same emotional feel of the book? Is the song describing a similar scene or situation in the book?

Please answer in the comments and include a link to the song you chose – either from YouTube or some other place so that we can all discover some new music! Even if you answer the challenge on your blog, please leave a link AND your answer in the comments so I don’t have to flip back and forth constantly when I pick a winner and make it easy for people scanning through. 🙂

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The Giveaway


I’ll be giving away:

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You’re entered as soon as you leave a comment in this post answering the challenge question! [see above]


You must be a participant of FraterFest to enter and win. If you haven’t signed up yet, go and do it! 🙂 After the challenge has ended I’ll pick a winner randomly from all the entries and announce it  along with an email to the winner.

Here’s my tune pick to go along with Advent by James Treadwell.

The reason I chose the song Demons by Imagine Dragons [seriously listen to all their stuff, it’s awesome] is that the main character, Gavin feels haunted. Literally. He’s got the whole world breathing down his neck about who he is supposed to be and who he’s not, and he’s just wanting someone to look at him and see the person he IS.


So what tune goes with your title?

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  1. I am currently reading Pretty When She Kills and the song playing in my head is Dream Theater – The Ministry of Lost Souls. It is both eerie and pretty..LOL
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted..The Hiding Place by David J. Bell {review-giveaway}

  2. I’m reading Vengeance of the vampire bride by Rhiannon Frater and the song playing is Requiem for a Dream 🙂
    Unabridged Andra recently posted..Frater-Fest hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!!!

    • Why does that song come to mind when you think of your book? Is the song Requiem for a Dream, the theme song from that movie (that’s what popped into my mind, I just listened to it for the first time the other day coincidentally!) if so, that is indeed a creepy tune!

  3. I am currently reading Here Be Monsters and the obvious song that came to mind was Monsters by Matchbook Romance. The connection is obvious with the titles but the lyrics to Monsters really go along with the stories inside “We are the monsters underneath your bed, yeah believe what you read”. How perfect a match can you get? Here’s the link Thanks for the giveaway!
    Eric Townsend recently posted..Review: Attic Clowns: Volumes 1 & 2 by Jeremy C. Shipp

  4. I’m reading Volumes I & II of the As the World Dies Untold Tales and I think Living Dead Girl is very fitting. Heck the music video even has zombies.

    Thanks for the great challenge and the chance to win 🙂
    Jen recently posted..Fraterfest Read-a-thon

  5. I’m reading Last Bastion of the Living. I literally just started but I’ve put Tool’s “Schism” to it in my head right now.

    Tool / A Perfect Circle can cover just about every paranormal book out there – I think Maynard has issues >.<

    Thanks for hosting a great challenge!!! See ya around this weekend 🙂
    Kristin @ My ParaHangover recently posted..“All You Zombies”: It’s Fraterfest Time!

  6. I’m doing a quick re-read of On Dublin Street by Samantha Young because I’m terrible at sticking to the challenge (*sigh*). My song choice is Rod Stewart’s Broken Arrow – I think it embodies what Braden feels for Joss; she’s so hard to get through to and he’s so perfect for her but she can’t see it and keeps pushing him away. So lines like, “who else is going to bring you a broken arrow?” and “I wanna come when you call, I’ll get to you if I have to crawl,” seem to really fit them.

    Great challenge!!
    Barbara recently posted..Fried Zombie Dee-Light! Ghoulish, Ghostly Tales

  7. I’m currently reading Z-Rex. I just finished reading a scene where two dinosaurs are fighting in a ring and now I can’t seem to get “The eye of the tiger” out of my head. It just fits.

  8. I’m reading “Fighting to Survive” and the song “Don’t Fear the Reaper” comes to mind as I’m reading it! I could just see it being in the beginning of a scene if it was a movie 😀

  9. I’m reading “The Ones That Got Away,” by Stephen Graham Jones. It’s a collection of short stories, so there are several songs, but I went with “People Are Strange,” by The Doors, because of the combination of every character in the book. The world of the song is scary, hidden, outside, anonymous. And that’s true of the characters, as well.
    Shannon Lawrence recently posted..Fraterfest Read-A-Thon!

  10. I’m reading Hard Mated a Steamy shapeshifter romance and the song that I feel goes perfectly with it is “She will me Loved” by Maroon 5. Because the girl in the story has been through so much,doesn’t trust easily and feels she will never have a love and the male shifter is falling for her hard.I feel like with the song he just wants to tell her she will be love 😀

  11. I’m reading Body & Soul by Stacey Kade. I’m thinking Bitch by Meredith Brooks. because it reminds me of one of the main characters who is a ghost, Alona Dare. She is a bitchy cheerleader but there is more to her.
    Great challenge! Although I’m not very musical so I can never think of very many good songs.

  12. I’m reading Death’s Rival by Faith Hunter and I think a good tune would be…. It’s the end of the world as We Know it by by REM


    I am reading Spark by Brigid Kemmerer, and the song I chose is I Caught Fire by the Used.

    Gabriel Merrick has an affinity for fire. He can start fires and control them. But more than having the word fire in the song, the song is actually about falling in love unexpectedly, which is just what happens between the hot tempered Gabriel and the bookish Layne.
    Carrie @ Sweet Southern Home recently posted..Fraterfest Read-a-thon!

  14. I’m reading Pretty When she Dies, anything by Smashing Pumpkins just fits in my head during the story! I so far love the book and love Smashing Pumpkins, but I would think their older music so I picked one I thought fit
    Krista recently posted..Weekend Bites *FRATERFEST*

  15. I’m currently bouncing back and forth between Invincible by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Seers by Heather Frost. The song that’s stuck in my head is Matchbook Romance – Monsters.

    Check out my Fraterfest Updates.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know recently posted..Fraterfest Read-A-Thon

  16. I am reading: Vaempires: Revolution by Thomas Winship. There is a lot of killing done during a Vampire war. The song I choose is: / Let The Bodies hit the floor

    – Beckie ChiKittie(at)gmail(dot)com
    Beckie recently posted..Book Review: Hollywood Car Wash by Lori Culwell

  17. Take 2 (not sure my first comment went through).

    I’m currently reading Infamous: Chronicles of Nick #3 and, without giving anything away about the book, the first song that came to mind was Who Are You? by The Who. Just the chorus in particular though.

    Thanks for the challenge. It was fun!
    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love
    Fraterfest Goals

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love recently posted..In My Mailbox 1

    • Sorry, we have comment moderation here (instead of captcha) and then your comment ended up in spam, where I rescued it! Thanks for dropping in and good luck 😀

  18. Great challenge, April 🙂

    I’m reading The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa, and the song that reminded me how Allie feels after becoming a vampire is Monster by Skillet:

    I also did a post, you can check it out, the link is on the CommentLuv, and I’ve also included the lyrics, too 🙂

    Thanks for hosting!
    Aleksandra @ Aleksandra’s Corner recently posted..Fraterfest Read-a-Thon: Mini Challenge: Tune That Title!

  19. I’m reading “The First Days” by Rhiannon Frater.

    I think of “Last in Line” by Dio. The chorus is:

    “We’ll know for the first time
    If we’re evil or divine
    We’re the last in line
    We’re the last in line”

    It seems fitting for a zombie apocalypse!

    You can watch the video on YouTube here:
    Darlene recently posted..Fraterfest Read-a-Thon: Wrap-up #Fraterfest

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