Book Blogger Challenge: Book Confessions & Bedtime Rituals

Book Blogger Challenge: Book Confessions & Bedtime Rituals


This is an awesome challenge about getting to know your fellow book bloggers. I’ve loved the posts I’ve seen thus far and since we didn’t learn about this until today – so this is going to cover the topics for both today and yesterday! We’ll try to keep it short and sweet!

It is hosted by Good Books, Good Wine. So go check her out – she has the reading doldrums and needs some love!


Book Confessions – Pabkins – Day 1

1 Compulsive book buying – I own more unread books than I do read books. And I still can’t stop buying.

2 I have my own library – An entire room the size of a living room, dedicated to books. Wall to wall shelves and 3 different seats. It was the one requirement I demanded be met when we bought a house.Library

3 I would rather buy someone the book then loan them my copy – my precioussss. They might damage it! Not to mention, I only know one other person in my everyday life that treats books with as much respect as I do. I’ve had too many unreturned books. So I loan them out only to one person.

4 Sometimes I sneak a peak of the last page. I can’t help it…the tension it kills me! Does that make me weak? …yah what of it!

5 Reading crazy flamer reviews with strong words is a guilty treat.
I know this is so wrong, and I don’t think I’ve ever written what I’ve considered a flaming review…but I have most definitely used a few curses here and there.

6 GIFs, I don’t believe they belong in reviews.While they are ok from time to time, I just don’t think that they adequately convey thoughts.

7 Making new booky friends is like a high for me! People that come by and comment know I always comment and visit back. And I’m always in search of other book bloggers to become friends with. Once you’re mine, you’re mine and I like to think I’m good to my friends! Especially since my non net friends think I’m a bit whackadoo, which I guess I am.

8 When there is a book I love I start stalking the author’s social media. Then I will buy it for a crap ton of people to help spread my crazed mania.

9 It’s all about the villain! If there isn’t a strong villain what the heck is the point? (Read Villains Victorious – an anthology where the Villains Victoriousbad guys win! I have bought like 15 copies of this over the years.

10 At social gatherings I always try to turn the topic to books. I think my normal friends may be getting sick of this.

11 Its cool when main characters die – I get a kick out of the ballsy move on the author’s part! If a character is particularly annoying, then I hope he dies an ugly death. An annoying character completely destroys my reading enjoyment. Its like being forced to sit next to someone at a dinner party that you hate.

12 I absolutely LOVE graphic novels. It’s like reading a cartoon, come on what beats that? I’m a total sucker for them…especially a dirty webcomic called Oglaf

13 Straight Romance turns me OFF – I prefer my sexy times as a side dish, not as the main course. But I do like there to be romance…I just don’t want it to be what the whole gosh damn book is about you know?

14 I’m a sucker for the nerdy guy – OK and the bad boy too. In real life its always the nerdy guy tho!

15 Favorite genres: Fantasy (you know the old school kind) & Science Fiction – then post- apocalyptic
When I get in a reading funk I will completely switch genres and target age range to pull me out of it, but I always go back to my favs.

Bedtime Reading Ritual – Pabkins Day 2

I don’t have a bedtime reading ritual. Yes, I read in bed each night but I prefer to read in my comfy library swivel chair, or in my office chair, or on the couch. The bed is for sleeping.

~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ – ~ –

Book Confessions – April – Day 1

1 Sometimes I go a little cuckoo requesting too many books on Netgalley – and then I start to hope that I get turned down for them when I see them in my email!

2 I have a hard time reading during the day; I’m such a night owl! I read long hours into the night..err morning. I typically go to bed around 5AM.

3 I recently decided that I need to make sure to buy books in even batches. So that my mailbox post graphics are even. I know, a little OCD. I’m ok with that though. 😉

4 Tabs went to a Neil Gaiman signing recently and I told her to have him sign her arm and mail it to me, because hey, it’s Neil friggen Gaiman and she doesn’t need BOTH arms!

5 I kind of hate short story anthologies. There’s only one I’ve ever really liked, well two – those creepy short stories I read as a kid from the school book fairs and Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things.

6 Sometimes I accept for review a book that’s later in a series just so that I can have “justification” to read books that have been collecting dust on my TBR pile and am desperate to read.

7 I refuse to put some of my books in boxes (my shelves are full) because I want to oogle and pet them at my leisure. Not weird at all..

8 My favorite reading device has come to be the iPad. I love being able to read and knowing when I get a chat message, otherwise I have to wait for the entire chat to be over to begin reading! I know, first world problems, right?

9 I’m such a cheapskate. I rarely buy new releases; I’ve only done so a handful of times (not counting the Harry Potter books of course!) But since then, I just patiently wait until they’re on sale and pick them up then. I have so many books on my TBR list already I never get to them when I have bought them right away as it is! I still have The Twelve by Justin Cronin (which I bought on pre-order!) on my Kindle shelves waiting for me!

10 I love seeing GIF’s in other people’s reviews and posts but I’m scared to use them myself for fear of copyright infringement. I mean where do people find them?! Do they make them themselves or is there some Mecca source for GIFs I have yet to discover. Maybe if I knew the origins (and I see the same ones all over) then I’d feel more comfortable.

11 Witches are my favorite. In books, movies, wherever. It goes without saying that The Witches by Roald Dahl was probably my favorite childhood book of all time (and still is one of them!) I love witches as villains and I love them as the “good guy” too. Hell, sometimes I root for the witchy villains to win. :X

12 I love books where poison is the method of murder. It just seems so subtle and creeptastic to me.

13 When I was younger all I would read was creepy books. Goosebumps, Scary Stories anthologies, Christopher Pike, etc. I’m surprised my parents didn’t get worried about me. But I eventually branched out and now I find books I love in almost every genre!

14 My second favorite villain besides witches? Why, the Nazi’s of course! I love me some Nazi bad guys. So satisfying to see them taken down!

15 Tabs helped me come up with most of these because apparently she knows my bookish habits more than I do..

Bedtime Reading Ritual – April

As previously mentioned in my confessions – I’m totally a night owl. Always have been, probably always will be! I love the night ! It’s the perfect reading atmosphere. Quiet and the solitude is so peaceful. I can dig into my book and be well into my way into the story with minimal distractions. I usually read until around 5AM. I love, love, love it! 😀


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  1. Great post! Villian Victorious looks great!
    -Scott Reads It!
    Scott Pilgrim recently posted..Guest Post: Kelly Oram, author of Chameleon!

  2. You guys are cute!!! Loved your confessions!

    April, I think you can find a lot of gifs on tumblr.
    Papkins – I love that you mentioned the nerdy guy – he is totally underestimated :)) Love him too!
    DannyBookworm recently posted..Adventurous & Romantic – In Too Deep by Coert Voorhees

  3. These were such awesome confessions. Pabkins #11 Yes. Yes. and again Yes. I had a similar confession. I often root for the villain especially if the main character is whiny, annoying, or makes ridiculous choices. #10 too, I annoy my friends with bookish talk quite often.

    April – I can relate to SO many of yours I don’t even know where to begin. 1,2,5,7,9, & 10 (and number 4 too except I don’t know her well enough to ask her to send me her arms…) My sleep patterns are completely chaotic and I’m often up all night too.
    Donna recently posted..Touching The Surface Blog Tour – Guest Post & Giveaway with Kimberly Sabatini

    • I pulled a late nighter last night so I could finish a book in one sitting. I was determined to read a book a day this week. It’s Wednesday right? If I can get one read today then I won’t be behind!

      The whiny shits need to DIEEEEE!! I need to check yours out now if I haven’t already!

  4. I have my own library at home, too. LOVE IT! I wish I had more room for shelves, but one day that’ll happen. I’ve also accepted review books of books later in a series that I still need to read. It’s awful, I know!
    Kristilyn (Reading in Winter) recently posted..15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day Three (Hosted by Good Books & Good Wine)

    • It’s so wonderful having a room dedicated to nothing but books! No TV, no radio, just books and a couch, a swivel chair, and a swing chair. haha. I keep trying to put shelves around the house and my husband tells me “Isn’t one whole room enough??”

  5. I do a lot of these too especially peeking at the end of the book and binging on NG/Edelweiss requests. Thankfully I’m a pretty fast reader but even so I can’t read all of them!
    Bookworm1858 recently posted..Ramblings and the Week to Come 14JUL13 #giveaway


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